Meet Our Staff
Night Manager
Jan Koelblinger -- Jan is the head night shift manager and is responsible for many of the administrative duties as well. She is a dedicated, friendly part of our team with a vast knowledge of the store. Jan has worked with us since February of 1997.
Office Manager
Brian Koelblinger -- Brian is one of our top managers and is here to help you.  He is service oriented, a knowledgeable member of our team, and has been with us since July of 2000. He is in charge of customer accounts, and data management.

Department Manager
Diana Garrels -- Diana has worked with us since September of 2002 and manages bulk herbs and the frozen section including frozen pizzas, meats and meals. Diana also prepares groceries that are delivered or shipped to our customer base. She is friendly and knowledgeable member of our team. 

Department Manager
Leroy Letts -- 

Leroy is a hard worker in charge of produce, chips, and Asian & Mexican cuisine. He also manages our recycling program and has worked with us since March of 2004.

Department Manager
Sable Hopf -- Sable is in charge of frozen bread, ice cream, pasta, soup and cereal as well as being a member of our delivery team. She also helps package and ship orders to our customers. Sable is a very helpful, valued employee who has been with us since August of 2004.
Department Manager
Paul Maiers -- 

Paul Maiers manages our bulk, candy, and coffee sections. He also is our sales coordinator working with suppliers to bring the best prices to our customers. Paul has been a part of our team since April of 2005.

Department Manager
Sonia Ollom -- Sonia is a well respected member of our team having worked for us since September of 2008. She is in charge of special orders, body care products and pet food.
Department Manager
Samantha Brush -- Samantha is in charge ordering and running our supplement section.  She is very friendly and can help with any questions regarding our supplements. Samantha has worked with us since August of 2009.
Department Manager
Lisa Ellis -- Lisa plays a very important role here at Everybody's, she cuts and packages all of our cheeses and runs our water section. She has been part of our team since August 2012.
Department Manager
Parker DeMers -- 

As well as taking deliveries to our customers Parker is in charge of the beers, juices, crackers and cookies. He has an extensive knowledge of his products and is always willing to help with any questions. Parker has worked with us since January of 2013.

Department Manager
Shannon Haun -- Shannon has been with us since July 2013 and is in charge of the tea section. Her duties are vital in keeping things running smoothly here at Everybody's Whole Foods.
Department Manager
Trish Cooley -- Trish has been part of our team since October of 2001 and is a very nurturing employee. Her responsibilities include caring for our plants, recycling, magazines and incenses. 

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